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Welcome to Tip Top Health Shoppe & Crystal Salt Spa!  We offer:  Halotherapy (salt therapy), salt lamps,vitamins, nutritional supplements, health foods, sports nutrition, food grade fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth, marine phytoplankton, chaga, kombucha, bulk herbs, DoTerra food grade essential oils, seminars, alkaline water, meditation, iridology, intuitive readings, 
spiritual life coaching, drum circles, energy work, crystal healing, crystals, orgonite pyramids, friendly customer service and 
expert advice.

Hello, and hope you have been enjoying the fantastic weather we have had all summer!  It’s been a busy one for me, getting married in my Waterford garden in July, and then 2 weeks honeymoon, the first in Chicago taking in the blues and jazz, the food, the striking architecture.  Followed by a week in Parry Sound, enjoying the lake, the seadoos, the sound of the loons, the starry nights.  Perfect blend of both worlds!  But now it is time to get back into the swing of things.  On that note, I will be soon be 

offering healthy beverages at the shoppe, including some old favourites and some exciting new products.  See below this 

month’s activities for these beautiful bevvies.  Please be sure to like us on Facebook for more deals!  We have a 3 day 10% 

off sale when we reach another 100 likes, and we are 41 likes away! But you have to be a Facebook fan to know it!  Also, if you check in on Facebook from the shoppe, share it with your friends that you are saving 10% at the shoppe and you will!**  Click on any of the blue links below for more infomration.

This Month at the Shoppe:

Wednesday September 21st Full Moon Guided Flute & Drum Meditation in the Crystal Salt Cave

Join Doug and Kelley from O’Nikon:Ra for two hours of bliss plus a complimentary salt treatment the Wednesday evening following each full moon. This month Fall Equinox is the next day so energies will be high.  At this writing there are still 3 spots 

left but they fill up fast, so call to book. 759-3304.

Saturday September 24th Live and Dry Blood Analysis in the Crystal Salt Cave

Back by popular demand, Robert Johnston can reveal the state of your health and make suggestions to improve it by analyzing 

a drop of your blood under the microscope!  And for my customers, you get a special price from Robert and a salt treatment 

during your appointment from me. Call to book, 10:30am to 3:30pm time slots available.

Saturday September 24th DoTerra Back to School Essential Oil Seminar in the Salt Cave

Join Beth Van Sickle and learn how to keep your child happy, healthy, focused and stress-free, as well as preventing/treating 

head lice, warts, molluscum contagium and colds and flu.  Call to book as space is limited to 12.  I also offer attendees a complimentary salt treatment during the seminar!

Wednesday September 28th Sharing Circle in the Salt Cave

Join Cathy “Starfire Woman” Chadwick to learn more about your spiritual side.  This month’s topic is “Find your Personal Plants 

of Power”  using traditional native herbs as medicine.  Complimentary salt treatment during the circle.  Did you know we have a 

full range of healing herbs for sale, most of them $3.99 for one ounce?  See our herbs page for full list and link to how to use 


Healthy Drinks:

Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water 

I have had this for 5 years and it has helped many people become toxin free, arthritis free and more!  Pretty much anything that ends in “itis” or “osis” is caused by being too acidic.  This water reverses that, promoting an alkaline PH in your system.  Bring in your water bottle or enjoy in our reusable glass mason jars.  You won’t believe how good Brantford tap water can taste! Or bring 

in a jug and it is 50 cents a litre.  Best to bring the size you will consume within three days, when the benefits will start to wear off. All drinks below made with Kangen Water excepting Kombucha which is made with spring water.

Marine Phytoplankton

I have another healthy algae to add to the food grade diatomaceous earth!  (And if you haven't got your free sample of diatomaceous earth yet, come and see me!)  It is called Karen Marine Phytoplankton.  I am very excited to be offering this product, which is touted as a miracle by many people, often noticing results within a week or even a day or two.  It is basically the first organism there was on Mother Earth, a single-celled ocean plankton that has all the phytonutrients, amino 

acids, omegas that we require for optimum health.  People are reporting things like total pain elimination, even from “trauma” 

such as a car accident, numbness, tingling, nerve pain going away, gastric reflux gone, deep, restful sleep, better endurance, faster recovery after workouts, feelings of wellbeing, being more calm and happy, blood sugar balancing, hair growing back after years of alopecia, skin problems disappearing, much more energy, to name a few.  You can see the testimonials on their Facebook page.

This article goes much further, stating it can not only treat but cure such things as all the auto-immune diseases, many cancers, lung diseases, dementia and Alzheimers, liver, kidney, eye diseases, skeletal problems, osteo-arthritis, fibromyalgia, more!  Read the full article for all the benefits.  It is not that it is curing these things.  It is giving your immune system what it needs to repair the body.  The building blocks of life!  Myself what I have noticed is great sleep, from the first night, serious detoxing at the cellular level for about a week, then boundless energy, skin tags gone (which some feel is a pre-curser to diabetes), definitely 

less stressed, one whole point up on the alkaline scale.  My shoulder pain is gone (though I attribute much of that to 

acupuncture), but also neck and shoulder stiffness is much better.  I don’t need moisturizer any more, never need lip balm now, and rosacea/spider veins I’ve had since my last pregnancy are much improved.  “Floaters” in my eyes seem to be going away, 

and the whites of my eyes seem whiter.  I’ve even lost a few pounds without trying, despite the honeymoon and the excesses of the summer season!  The only thing people some people don’t care for is the taste of this green powder, which you can mix in water, juice, applesauce etc.  I’ve found a couple of drops of Doterra lemon, lime or orange make it delicious!  Others use juice, 

but many don’t mind the flavor. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, for any reason, so come try it by the serving at    the shoppe for a few days or pick up a 30 day supply for $48.99 or a 100 day supply for $119.99.

Kombucha Tea  

We have carried this before, and soon you will be able to get it fresh, or get a scoby to make your own.  

Kombucha is an age old fermented drink rich in micro nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, healthy probiotic bacteria and one of the best sources of glucaric acid there is, known to prevent cancer. It detoxifies you, boosts energy, helps arthritis & joint pain, and boosts the immune system.   Here is a link to Dr. Axe’s 7 reasons to drink Kombucha tea.

Chaga Mushroom Tea 

This is actually a type of beneficial fungus, which grows on white birch trees. Coursely ground and extracted over low heat for hours, it is a nutritional powerhouse! With the highest ORAC score on the planet, this mild tasting tea packs an anti-oxidant 

punch! It is also an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin K, multiple B vitamins, and minerals like iron, calcium, copper and zinc. 

It also contains betulin and betulinic acid, which are anti-retroviral, anti-malarial, have an anti-tumor action, as well as  

flavonoids, polysaccharides and other phytonutrients.  

Source Energy Medicine Positively Charged Water  

Remember Dr. Emoto and his research on exposing water molecules to both positive and 

negative messages?  If not, watch this you tube video. This goes a step further.  See the creator Stephen Pollitt's 

video and explanation on YouTubeWater tastes silky, delicious and is healing on all levels. 

Crystal Elixir Water

  Same idea as above but charged with healing crystals and positive intent.

Runa Guayusa Tea

  Sustained energy without the caffeine jitters of coffee, keeps you calm and focused and has a naturally

pleasant, sweet taste.  Runa means “fully alive” in the Amazon.

Food Grade DoTerra Essential Oils

Kangen Water (or tea) with food grade DoTerra essential oils.  Try a drop or two of lemon in your water to alkalize you and also whitens teeth!  Many oils are food grade and have various benefits, from cleansing to immune boosting and more!

Vegan smoothies in the works too!

Other New Products:

New, Bamboo toothbrushes, for adults and kids!  Feels great, nothing like plastic.  Last about the same length of time as a 

regular toothbrush.  $9.99

Moldavite!  This rare crystal is over 15 million years old and was formed when a meteorite struck the earth!  It has all been mined, so what is in circulation now is all there ever will be, hence the rarity.  I have 6 pieces, $20, $30 and $60.  Learn more about 

this powerful stone here.  We have lots of pretty stones, and bracelets and necklaces for abundance, as well as abalone 

shell bracelets.

Salt therapy!  

I am extending the allergy specials I had in the spring.  Buy 5 sessions, get 7 (under $29 each, $18 for kids and seniors)!  Buy     10 sessions, get 14 (under $22 each, $15 for kids and seniors)!  Buy a one month unlimited package, get a 2nd month free!      Rent the room for up to 8 people, have a second session on me ($10 per person if you get 8 people together)!   


Plus, if someone you know is in a care facility or nursing home, for example the John Noble Centre, I am offering those facilities 

a FREE session for up to 6 of their residents, so they can see the benefits first hand!  Clears lungs, clears sinuses, lowers 

cortisol levels, helps chronic lung diseases and seasonal allergies, deeply relaxing, detoxes through the skin!  The benefits are many, and I’m willing to offer those in need free sessions to see for themselves.  Also for those residents if they buy a package, their aid can come free of charge!  Our beautiful room is fully wheelchair accessible and can accommodate up to  2 wheelchairs (plus 2 aids) at once very comfortably.

New Corporate Rates! 

If your organization prepays for three of any one type of our packages I will give them a 4th for free!  For example, if they prepay for 3 people to have 5 sessions (which is currently 7) I will give them another 7 for free!  Great way to 

de-stress and relax after work.  If necessary, after hour evening sessions are available by appointment.

If your organization is having a fundraiser, contact me for a donation of a salt session for 8, a $160 value!

Salt Lamps!

Got another 40 lamps in, mini’s, a few medium and large, but they are going fast!  On sale for $24.99, $44.99 and $54.99. 

All the above benefits but on a smaller scale.


Savings for you!

I guarantee to give you equal or better prices than the other 3 big corporate chain health food stores in town offer, 
even if I don't have their buying power. And if you find a lower regular (not on sale) price at one of the other three health food chains, take a picture on your phone or bring in your bottle we will lower our price to match immediately. Plus you save 10% for every hundred dollars you spend with our free points program, and seniors and students save 10% every Tuesday. So come and check us out, and God bless you all for supporting this small independant shoppe! 

Brightest Blessings,