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Hello!  Happy June!  Sorry the website has not been updated because I am scrambling to get our new shoppe & halotherapy salt spa in West Brant Plaza at Mt. Pleasant & Colborne St. W. up and running!  Hopefully by the end of June we will have our grand opening.  Will post it here for sure.

For this month, no dry blood analysis or iridology readings but we will be having our 2 hour New Mood Meditation Night on Friday, June 19th at 6:30 pm.  See below for details.  And yoga Wednesdays at 6:00pm and Buddhist teachings and meditation Thursdays at 7:00pm continue for the rest of June. 

Brightest Blessings!


It’s finally officially spring!  The days are getting longer & the sun is shining more brightly! Happy Easter to you all! It’s time for spring cleaning, but not just for your house.  It’s also a great time of year to cleanse  yourself & your surroundings on many levels.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually & also to purify the air around you. Tip Top Health Shoppe has everything you need to do this!

Physically: internal colon,  liveryeast & parasite cleanse kits from $14.99 & up help rid your body of toxins  which make you sluggish, tired & ill. Many people have 15-20 lbs of toxic waste inside! 

If you haven't already, come get your FREE 1 week of foodgrade fossil shell flour aka Diatomaceous Earth to get you started! Detoxifies, improves hair, skin, nails, & joints, kills parasites, yeast, fungus, bacteria, & removes heavy metals & drug residues, more! Many testimonials about hair regrowth, glowing skin, and better cholesterol & blood sugar levels. Come get yours now,or have a look at all our cleanse kits. We also offer a FREE month of detoxifying, alkaline Kangen water! Just bring in a jug.

Emotionally:  Stress can make our brains run overtime, causing health problems & sleep disturbances. 

Click here for the many signs, symptoms and causes of stress.  Clear the mind of emotional chatter & get a deep restful sleep with herbal productsessential oilsmeditationyoga, soothing teas like rhodiola, one of many. Stress can kill, but there are natural ways to manage it. Tip Top Health Shoppe has them!

Spiritually: sage smudgesfrankincense & myrrh, incense, protective crystals & orgonite pyramids work to clear your space of negative energies & harmful EMF waves. 

Air purification: Orgonite works for this, &  also pure beeswax candles starting at 99 cents.  Another great air purifier is a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, which, like the beeswax, puts negative ions into the air, trapping and making the atmospheric pollution harmless & also blocking EMFS. Helps with focus, mild depression, asthma, allergies, emphysema & lowers stress too! We also have salt air humidifiers which bring the ocean to your home!  Watch for our new SALT ROOM at the 2nd location this summer!

New April BScene is in the shoppe!  And will be updated online soon.  If you pick up your free copy you may notice a similar write up on cleansing as Tip Top is now a regular contributor to this feel good, positive energy local newspaper.  :) 

What's happening at the shoppe this month:

Meditation & Qi Gong every other Monday 6:30pm $4 per class



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Did you know that if you join our points program you get a point for every dollar you spend and when you reach 100 points you are entitled to a tax free shopping spree?  No card required! 

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Come see us for all your health needs, and happy spring cleaning!

Thank you for your continued support of this 'lil shoppe, and hope to see you soon...

Brightest Blessings,


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