Tip Top Health Shoppe & Crystal Salt Spa
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Brantford, ON 
N3T 1L2 

Welcome to Tip Top Health Shoppe & Crystal Salt Spa!  We offer Halotherapy (salt therapy), vitamins, nutritional supplements, health foods, sports nutrition, fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth, chaga, heavy metal detox clay, kombucha, bulk herbs, HCG diet drops, DoTerra food grade essential oils, seminars, alkaline water, moon meditations, yoga, iridology, dry blood analysis readings, intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, sacred sound circles, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, energy work, crystal healing, house blessings, past life regression, guided imagery meditation, crystals, orgonite pyramids, friendly customer service and expert advice..

June sales, services, seminars and events:  Click on the links below for details.

Hello & happy June!  Fantastic that summer weather is finally here!  We have lots going on at the shoppe this month.   
As always please feel free to send this email on to anyone who may be interested, and you can also 
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Salt Therapy Free Sessions for Allergy Season with Packages
With the return of the flowers, plants and trees come the return of seasonal allergies, so Tip Top Health Shoppe 
& Crystal Salt Spa is giving you FREE salt sessions when you book a package! Salt therapy is very effective in treating not just the symptoms of seasonal allergies but also reducing the allergic reaction. It is optimum to come twice a week as soon as symptoms start so we have some special deals for you, for a limited time. See the deals here on kijiji.
Note:  Extended hours are possible on Thursdays.  If required you can book the salt room for a 
6:00pm session on Thursdays when I'm in the shoppe and we don't have evening events taking place.  If no one is 
booked we will close at 6:00pm as usual.  Contact me for corporate rates. 

I have also partnered with Monica Wecklein from Riverview Vitality Centre who uses the N.A.E.T. system of allergy desensitization as well as offering full Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities.  So for a limited time, if you purchase one 
of the salt room packages from Tip Top Health Shoppe and Crystal Salt Spa, you will receive a $30 discount off your first consultation with Monica.  Alternatively, if you book any service with Monica, you will be entitled to purchase a 2 for 1 
single salt session at the shoppe so you and a friend can enjoy all the benefits of salt therapy.  We also carry some very 
effective allergy remedies including quercetin, a natural anti-histamine, and Homeocan's homeopathic remedy.  If there is a 
product we don't carry that you like, please let me know and I'll try to get it in for you.

New!  Abundance, Healing and Aromatherapy Bracelets, $34.99!  These are made with tiger's eyeunakite 
howlite turtles, peace signs and birds,rose quartzMorganite (RARE), rhodochrositeperidotcitrineclear quartz
silver gray pyritecarnelianruby and most have a single brownlava rock bead as an essential oil diffuser.  
Choose any NOW brand essential oil and we'll start you off with 2 drops free!  Or p urchase Doterra Oils of your choice by the drop. See   Cathy's sharing circle below if you would like to learn more about crystals and our Essential Oil seminar below if you want to learn about the oils.

This Saturday June 11th, all day: Chakra/Aura Photo, Report & Balancing in the Crystal Salt Cave!

What is an Aura? The human being is a complex organism, full of emotion, energy intelligence and spirit. These 
qualities are reflected in one's energy field, or Aura. Chakras are meridians, or energy vortexes throughout the body.  There are 7 main chakras and many minor ones. People’s aura and chakras do change from time to time, as a result 
of life experiences and changing views on life. Awareness of the condition of your aura field and chakras would allow 
you to take measures to align your energy which can improve your life. Read more here on Kijiji.

Wednesday June 15th, 7:00pm:  Sacred Sound (Drum) Circle with Cathy "Starfire Woman"

We shall begin our Sacred Sound Circle, as we gather together to honour & heal Mother Earth and ourselves. 
Sacred Sound Circle desires to join Humanity in Ceremony to raise our vibration and strengthen our connection to all of Life through music, intention, prayer, voice, and movement. Drum experience is not necessary. All paths are welcome.  

Saturday June 18th, 10:30-4:00pm:  Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis Readings plus Salt Session

Live & Dry blood analysis can reveal the underlying cause of your health condition. Many etermining factors 
can also be detected from a couple of drops of blood such as: 


Saturday June 18th 4:30pm Doterra Essential Oils Seminar with Salt Session

Just $10 gets you a 45 minute salt treatement and information about how to use essential oils, with an 
emphasis on seasonal blends, like tick oil, cooling after-sun spray, all natural bug spray and more!  Read more here on Kijiji.  Note, we have the bug spray already for $11.99, as well as $9.99 shea/essential oil moisturizer and $2.99 lip balm.  I 
can make you up a blend any time, even if you can't make the seminar.  Thinning hair, ADHD, warts, headache, sore muscles, 
just email or phone ahead so I have time to do it inbetween customers.  And remember you can buy any Doterra 
essential oil in wee 30 drop bottles from the shoppe any time if you prefer to make up your own.  

Wednesday June 22nd, 6:15-8:30pm Full Moon  Guided Meditation with flute 
and hang drums plus Salt Session

Doug will take you on a relaxing journey, accompanied by the beautiful sound of his hand-carved flute, vibrating at 432hz. 
Doug & Kelley also may play the Hang drums for us, opening all the chakras and also tuned to 432 hz. Sometimes we use 
Tibetan singing bowls. This will be just two days after the summer solstice, so the energies will be high.  Call to register as 
it fills up fast. Read more here on Kijiji.

Wednesday June 29th 7:00pm: Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry Sharing Circle

Third in a series of crystal sharing circles that will cover crystal energy, cleansing and charging, grids, sacred
geometry, properties of various crystals, crystal healing and more! Of course crystals will be available for purchase as well. 

I am also continuing to roll back prices and mark things down so I can offer you the best  prices in town.   Recently 
there were several orders that were incorrectly priced by new staff, and we are working on checking everything in the 
shoppe.  I guarantee to give you equal or better prices than the other 3 big corporate chain health food stores in town offer, 
even if I don't have their buying power.  If I haven't got to a particular product that you buy quite yet when you come in, 
I will check the price for you and if it should be lowered I will do that right at the til.  And you find a lower regular (not on sale)
price at one of the other three health food chains, take a picture on your phone or bring in your bottle we will lower our price to match immediately. Plus you save 10% for every hundred dollars you spend with our free points program, and seniors and students save 10% every Tuesday. So come and check us out, and God bless you all for supporting this small independant shoppe! 

Brightest Blessings,